How we started

Relieving financial hardship

Murole High School Trust
In 2002, Captain Ezra Karyebura of the Church Army in Uganda was given a vision of opening a school for children whose parents had died of AIDS. He found a site, 20 miles from Kabale. He took his mattress, to sleep on the floor of a disused barn and he began to make preparations. In faith, he put out a notice on local radio, that in two week's time, he would be registering students for the new school.

Helping to educate and train children & young people

In the first week three students appeared, all total orphans. One of them, Moreen, aged 16, had looked after her younger brothers and sisters since she was 12. Her father had died and her stepmother had left taking her children with her. For four years, Moreen struggled to grow food to feed the family. She came to Ezra with three cabbages in a basket as her school fees. It was all she could afford. She cried, and so did the Headmaster.
On Easter Day, Ezra wrote to Rev’d Shirley Papworth and told her Moreen's story. Shirley agreed to try to find a sponsor for her. In due course, Moreen's sponsor sent £60 for one a year's school fees. That money bought the land on which the school now stands.
Since that time, the students have made the bricks, and under supervision, they have built the school. There are classrooms, a staff room, a kitchen, dormitories for the boarders, a small library and staff accommodation. The buildings still to be completed are a technical block and a chapel. Next, they hope to build an Assembly Hall and a science laboratory. Recently through donations, a generator was installed allowing student to dispense with candles and study during the hours of darkness. 
Many of the students have lost four or more years of education, because when their parents died there was no money for school fees. Some of them are able to catch up sufficiently to take O level examinations. Many of them do the Technical Course, passing tests in skills like bricklaying, carpentry, driving, and tailoring. Skills which will enable them to earn a living when they leave school.
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