Relieving financial hardship

Murole High School Trust
A father died, a stepmother left, and a twelve year old girl was left to bring up her younger brother and sisters. When she reached the age of sixteen she approached Captain Ezra Karyebura of the Church Army. She had heard he was to open a school and she bought with her three cabbages in a basket as her school fees. It was all she could afford. She cried, and so did the Headmaster. Ezra wrote to Reverend Shirley Papworth and told her Moreen's story. Shirley agreed to try to find a sponsor for her and the Murole High Schoool Trust was born. Please take time to look at our web site and help the children of Murole High School if you can. If you have any questions please contact us and we will be pleased to respond.

Helping to educate and train children & young people

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